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Frequently Asked Questions​

What is Home Health Care?

  • Home Health Care provides medical treatment for an illness, injury, or decrease in physical function
  • Goal: helping you recover, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible
  • Home Health Care also saves billions of dollars each year by preventing re-hospitalization or the need for short-term rehab

What are the qualifications to receive Home Health Care?

  • Must have a doctor's order
  • Patient must be homebound:
    • Needs assistance from another person to leave the home
    • Needs assistive devices to leave home such as a wheelchair, walker, cane, etc
    • Leaving home may make symptoms worse (ex. shortness of breath, pain, fatigue)
    • Patient leaves infrequently for church, medical appointments, dialysis
  • Must have a skilled need (ex. IV therapy, wounds, diagnosis teaching, medication management, education needs, PT, OT, SLP, etc)

Who Pays for Home Health Care?

  • Primary Medicare covers 100% as long as the qualifications are met/ obtained
  • Private insurance varies depending on your personal policy
  • Workers Compensation and Private Pay

What are some indications that I might need Home Health?

  • Recent falls 
  • New medication
  • Difficulty completing tasks that were previously attainable
    • I.e dressing, bathing, grooming, walking, use of an assistive device, getting up from a chair, etc
  • Increased pain when you are moving about your home
  • Weight gain or loss
  • New diagnosis
    • Home Health personnel can educate you about your new diagnosis including any new medications related to the new diagnosis

Who qualifies for Home Health?

  • Older individuals, who may have a variety of health problems, but want to maintain their independence in their home with the support of a professional caregiver
  • Patients of all ages who return home following a surgery and need care, supervision or additional assistance
  • Patients who have complex treatments that require use of medical equipment and/or medication monitoring
  • Mothers and newborns home from the hospital after 24 or 48 hours who are in need of further education, support and the clinical assessment skills of a trained nurse
  • Young adults recovering from accidents or injuries, who can manage on their own- if they know an experienced healthcare professional, will be there when needed
  • Mentally ill adults who need support to remain in the mainstream of their community 

What do I do if I could benefit from Home Health services?

  • Talk to your doctor about your concerns to obtain an order, if deemed appropriate
  • Ask your doctor to fax a referral to Panoptic Home Health (fax number: 815- 513- 5446)

What will happen after I receive an order for Home Health?

  • We will contact your doctor to get information and a doctor's order, if not yet obtained
  • Next, a skilled nurse will contact you to set-up an initial assessment
  • If therapy is appropriate, based on your needs,  a physical, occupational, or speech therapist will contact you to set up an assessment
  • The nurse and therapists will coordinate your plan of care with you and your doctor

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