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Panoptic comes from the words panoramic and optical, defining what Panoptic Home Health provides to you: A 360° view of your health care

Our Mission

Panoptic Home Health in Morris, IL strives to offer compassionate, quality home health care to individuals and families with exemplary customer service. The needs of our patients and their families will always be our first consideration.

Patient- Centered Care

Upon referral to our agency, Panoptic Home Health will work closely with family members, hospitals, physicians, and other members of the medical team to develop a home care plan that best meets the needs of the patient. The patients, their family, and our staff will work together towards one common goal: having the most effective, quality care possible in your home.

Our Team

Our employees are competent, caring, and well-trained professionals who are responsive to the needs of our patients, their families, and the communities we serve. 

Our Services

Panoptic Home Health in Morris, IL provides a variety of services to help our patients recover and regain their independence. The Panoptic Home Health team works closely with your doctor to create a plan of care that fits your medical needs.

Contact Us

Whether you are a physician, health care coordinator, family member, or in need of home health services yourself, contact us today for additional information on how we can assist you.

"Panoptic is the best around, I've got a great nurse and great therapists. I will always choose you for my home health needs"

Robert M

Happy Customer

"Panoptic has the vision to be the home health service you can count on. We are  professional and customize our team services to each individual patient's needs, providing nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and multiple support services to help you achieve your goal of improving your health in the setting of your own home". 

Dr. Peter​ Roumeliotis

Medical Director

"I am getting excellent care. Couldn't get any better care!"

Arlene L

Happy Customer


Don't put your health aside, call us today

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